Standard Flat Cello Bags

Note: When ordering bags add the number of cartons you'd like, not the number of bags.
(For 500 bags, in carton's of 250, order 2 cartons; not 500 units.)

Cello - Standard Flat Cello Bags
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CB11565: Small - No handles.
115(h) x 65(w) x 1000
CB14575: Small - No handles.
145(h) x 75(w) x 1000
CB25575: Small - No handles.
255(h) x 75(w) x 1000
CB16590: Small - No handles.
165(h) x 90(w) x 1000
CB155100: Small - No handles.
155(h) x 100(w) x 1000
CB130100: Small - No handles.
130(h) x 100(w) x 1000
CB180100: Medium - No handles.
180(h) x 100(w) x 1000
CB180125: Medium - No handles.
180(h) x 125(w) x 1000
CB190120: Medium - No handles.
190(h) x 120(w) x 1000
CB200135: Medium - No handles.
200(h) x 135(w) x 1000
CB230150: Large - No handles.
230(h) x 150(w) x 1000
CB205165: Large - No handles.
205(h) x 165(w) x 1000
CB235165: Large - No handles.
235(h) x 165(w) x 1000
CB255180: Large - No handles.
255(h) x 180(w) x 1000
CB280205: Large - No handles.
280(h) x 205(w) x 1000

Cellophane has been used as a packaging material since the 1920's and contrary to its appearance is not a plastic. Made from cellulose, a naturally occurring product it is fully bio-degradable. It's clear and shiny appearance together with waterproof properties make it an ideal medium for packaging food products. It can be heat sealed, micro waved & frozen. BSB Packaging offer a full range of cellophane bags and sheet cut to size.

Also Available are a range of heat sealers