Paper Carry Bags Melbourne

BSB Food Packaging paper carry bags Melbourne are made using 100% natural materials. And with high-quality paper and a range of colours and sizes, they're the perfect choice for gift bags or commercial use. Print, stamp or stencil your own custom logo or design and create your brand experience. If you need a paper bag in Melbourne, you can buy paper bags wholesale from BSB Packaging and get exactly what you need to be delivered directly to you.

Brown Paper Carry Bags for a Greener Planet

With approximately 300 million plastic bags ending up in the sea every year, it is important that we look for a more environmentally friendly solution for packaging products. Paper carry bags have emerged as the most logical alternative. Unlike plastic, paper bags can be reused and recycled and pose little threat to the environment. They are created from wood pulp and do not require any expensive equipment or processing. This means they leave a lighter carbon footprint and can be cheaper to produce than plastic, especially if ordered in bulk.

Paper Bag Melbourne Store

Our paper bag Melbourne range comes in a variety of different sizes and colours, making them perfect as gift bags, shopping bags, or even as custom packaging. Make the switch to paper carry bags today and see the difference for yourself!

Make the Switch to Paper Carry Bags

More and more stores are switching to paper carry bags these days. They're cost-effective (about the same cost as plastic bags) but are classier, more environmentally friendly, and infinitely customisable. BSB Packaging offer customisation for all our paper bags, with the option to print, stamp or stencil your business logo on them. This makes them fantastic as promotional material or even simply for enhancing your brand experience.

Order Paper Bags Wholesale Today

If you need paper bags wholesale you’ll find them all in our paper carry bags catalogue. We have white paper bags, brown paper bags, bags with and without handles, bags for bottles and more. Order online today or call us for bulk orders and to customise your bags. Our paper bags and paper towels experts are always happy to help, so don't hesitate to call if you have any questions. Order today and get your bags delivered directly to your door as soon as possible.

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